Certificate of Limited Warranty

  1. All transmissions including torque converter are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of 3 year unlimited mile warranty from the original date of purchase unless otherwise stated on invoice, this is the date on the invoice not the date the consumer installed the unit. All other parts will adhere to the return policy of the original manufacturer and or distributor. All electronics once open and out of their original package and or installed are not eligible for return.
  2. Drive Power at their discretion will opt to replace and or repair the original product with one of equal value and specifications only after the consumer has performed all necessary diagnostics to determine probable cause of failure. Upon return of alleged defect and or during repairs to the original transmission Drive Power finds the product during inspect to be defective as a result of the vehicle or improper installation may exercise their right to charge back for any repairs to the product to return it to normal working condition in
    which time may also void any further warranty or limit warranty to repairs made to original product under terms set forth by Drive Power.
  3. Product warranty may be null and void if the consumer fails to install the product incorrectly or neglects to maintain proper maintenance schedules in accordance to the original manufactures recommendations. Some of the reasons why the warranty may become void are listed but not limited to the following:
    1. Consumer does not take proper measures to bypass and or flush transmission cooler properly by an outside radiator shop and is able to provide proof of purchase
    2. When working with products that require an outside filter these filters must be replaced during installation and is able to provide proof of purchase
    3. Damage due to broken flex plates, worn hub adapters, or the lack of using dow pins for proper alignment during installation
    4. Any electrical issues contributed by the vehicle resulting in failure due to but not limited to TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), Mass Airflow Sensors, Any other sensors on the vehicle contributing to improper operation, Short to Grounds, Bad ECU (Electronic Control Modules), Corroded or backed out pins at connectors, lack of EPC (Electronic Pressure Control) Signal from ECU, and HI or Low current to transmission.
  4. Warranty as stated does not apply to normal wear and tear items, vehicle abuse, and modified vehicles with oversized tires from original OE specifications, performance chips or packages rated for higher horsepower than originally intended by the original OE unless stated or rated by Drive Power. All performance transmissions are “As Is” with no warranties unless the transmission is a result of defective craftsmanship and not vehicle abuse and is able to drive under normal driving conditions when first installed.
  5. Drive Power does not assume in responsibility or liability of any incidental or consequential damages connected with the failure of the part under warranty. Such damages include but not limited to towing charges, rental vehicle use or charges, lay-up time, loss due to down time, loss of revenue, gasoline/diesel
    fuel, telephone, cost of lodging, cost of fluids, seals, or any other purchases incurred to install or uninstall the transmission or parts.
  6. Under this limited warranty no repairs shall ever exceeded the cap of $400.00 dollars per vehicle including all or any parts, fluids and or diagnostics required during replacement. All returns must have prior authorization by Drive Power before any product is ever returned consumer is responsible for any damages incurred upon inspect and before any credits can be issued. To start a claim please contact Drive Power before any work is ever performed or taken to a repair facility. Failure to do so may put you at risk for any and all repairs without reimbursement.
  7. All warranty reimbursements will be issued in the form of credits to be applied to future purchases unless unused credits exceed a maximum of 3 months in which case Drive Power will issue a check in the sum of the unclaimed amount upon request. Unless customer vehicle is at another shop than check will be issued to customer after inspection not to exceed the labor cap.